Viro Clear Tech provides solutions to protect you and your environment, in real time – 24/7.

Completely safe to use when people and animals are present. Proven, cost effective solutions to inactivate and eliminate Covid and other life threatening, bacteria, viruses, acarids, parasites, micro-organisms and infectious mould.

Clean, Safe, Virus free Air, 24/7 Clean Air at an affordable price £395

The INO3-A01 It is the world’s first integrated solution for indoor air management.
The INO3-A01 Multi Layered Technology is unique. UV light + Ozone + Negative Ions eradicates harmful substances in the air, including covid, other coronaviruses, influenza viruses, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and many more.
The INO3-A01 is a 24/7 solution. Active Epidemic Prevention plus energy efficient Smart Operation and Maintenance combine to guarantee clean, healthy air.


Future Proof Your Environment not only from Covid 19 But ALL HARMFUL Viruses, Bacteria, MicroOrganisms and infectious mould.

All illustrated solutions have a 99.999% killing rate against viruses and bacteria….
ViroClearTech inactivates and eliminates threats to your health and environment
from flu to asthma and serious threats to health and life.


Steribase 300 Plus

  • Deactivation of all microorganisms in one passage
  • Simple to install and quick to commission
  • Intelligent monitoring & communication
  • Compatible with Building Management Systems
  • Mobile unit
  • Low noise level

Steribase 150 Wall

  • Deactivation of all microorganisms in one passage
  • Simple to install and quick to commission
  • Wall unit
  • High clean air delivery rate

Steritube Basic

  • Deactivation of all microorganisms in one passage
  • Simple to integrate in existing air conditioning systems
  • High clean air delivery rate
  • Parallel switching
  • Stand alone or combined to achieve required capacity

*Prices exclude VAT, delivery and installation costs may apply, based on 5 year term subject to status & prevailing currency exchange rate Terms and Conditions: Disclaimer: Leasing is suitable for UK business users only. This can include new or established businesses. Quotation is only valid for Limited companies and is for illustration purposes only. All finance is provided by licensed leasing specialists. Subject to status and credit approval, E&OE. Documentation fees may apply. A deposit/advance rental and/or personal guarantee may be required. Title transfer/ownership options are available at end of lease term.


STERTUBE solutions can be integrated into your HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and BMS (Building Management Systems) to deliver environmental safety and safe indoor air quality.

These solutions work against all life-threatening bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, and infectious mould, they also protect you for the flu, asthma, different levels of sickness, and threats which are resistant to antibiotics.


Schools, Colleges and Educational Facilities have faced considerable disruption as a consequence of Covid 19. Places of Education are now returning to a new normal, it is vital that they can trust the air they breathe.

These solutions work against all life threatening bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms and infectious mould but they also give you clean air protecting you for the flu, asthma, different levels of sickness and threats which are resistant to antibiotics.

These solutions work to permanently eliminate 99.99% of these threats in real-time, keeping you safe always and all the time.


Solutions work in offices, commercial premises, hospitality, entertainment venues and many other places. Your employees, customers and visitors will be safe in your premises.

These solutions gives you back control and guarantees your safety in real time, all of the time.

ATVIROBUSTER gives you back control and guarentees your safety in REAL-TIME.


Larger premises can be protected by wall units and integration into existing HVAC systems, as well as free standing units.