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Viro Clear Tech provides a range of related and support
solutions to enhance your environment.

Viro Clear Tech can undertake full Health & Safety assessment when installing viro clear solutions. We can also undertake full independent Health & Safety assessments and help you with your policies and work practises.

Viro Clear Tech can undertake an audit of your current energy and utilities cost and can guarantee to save you money by switching to green solutions. We are also able to offer full installation of site specific solar, wind and hybrid energy solutions, on or off grid..

Viro Clear Tech can undertake a deep clean of your premises as Viro Clear solutions are installed, guaranteeing you the best starting point. We can also provide regular deep clean and commercial cleaning programmes.

Viro Clear Tech can supply a range of Medical Grade Duckbill masks manufactured in the UK to UK, CE and FDA standard. We can also supply disposable masks. Viro Clear Tech can supply Covid test kits, these are independently verified, tested and licensed.