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Clean air improves the learning memory of children and their overall health and performance.

Longstanding studies show that clean air improves the learning memory of children and clean air improves overall health and performance.

Recent studies show protection against infection form Covid vaccines could drop to 50% by the winter.

Covid is here to stay, as are other threat to children’s health and development. We can manage these threats and improve the learning environment for children. A fully developed strategy needs to be implemented eliminate threats to children’s wellbeing and to give ongoing protection.

Vaccines have saved lives but are not a golden bullet. Dr Alexander Edwards, from the University of Reading, said it was important to understand when booster doses might be needed and for whom.

“Vaccination does not, unsurprisingly, make people invulnerable, and does not prevent all infections. Variants have real and significant impact on public health, and a lot of people are still tragically dying in the UK from this nasty virus.

“The vaccines we have are remarkably safe and effective, and still remain far better than other vaccines that give massive benefits.”

He added: “We must pro-actively plan our public health strategy to account for imperfect protection, and for the possibility of falling protection over time.”

Classrooms in England need air filters and monitoring devices fitted to protect children from Covid-19 and avoid further disruption to their learning, school unions have told the education secretary, Gavin Williamson.

The letter, backed by the Liberal Democrats, asks for air purification units to be installed to filter out the virus, as well as carbon dioxide monitors to measure airflow. It follows mounting evidence that coronavirus is transmitted primarily through airborne particles in enclosed spaces.

There is a strong possibility of steeply increasing Covid cases in the autumn, with some children suffering from long Covid as a result. There are also concerns about a new wave of other respiratory diseases such as flu and RSV which are worse for children than Covid,” the letter warns.

“School staff, some of whom will not be double vaccinated, or are in a vulnerable group, are also in some cases still at risk of serious illness. Staff who are fully vaccinated are also still at risk of catching the virus and potentially developing long Covid, which is already afflicting tens of thousands of school staff.”

The DfE said: “We want to ensure schools are both safe and comfortable for students and staff – and good ventilation has consistently been part of government guidance. Areas where ventilation is poor should be proactively identified so that steps can be taken to improve fresh air flow if needed.”

The INO3 air purifier offers protection on 3 levels; UV light, Ozone, and negative Ions, all proven to eliminate covid and other threats to health.